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Babbling brooks, lush green meadows, Baroque buildings and picturesque farms. Go on a bike trip around Jettingen-Scheppach and enjoy fantastic adventures and surprising glimpses of the beautiful, pristine nature in the Günzburg region.
Follow winding paths, cycling in the shade of ancient trees, and relax at a romantic turquoise-blue lake.

The Allgäu, an athlete’s paradise – cycling in beautiful Bavaria

Pro athletes, families on holiday, long-distance cyclists and leisurely bikers – everyone will find their perfect trail among the 11 cycling routes through Jettingen-Scheppach!

To save you some valuable free time before your holiday, we have put together an overview of the five best cycling tours and trails near the Best Hotel Mindeltal. Enjoy beautiful views of our region and look forward to taking a bike tour through picturesque Swabia.



The Mindeltal Bike Trail is one of the region’s most beautiful cycling trails. Follow 90 kilometres of natural trails along the Mindel river – from the bubbling source all the way to the Danube. There are larger inclines near the source; from Mindelheim the trail is well-suited to families.

The Swabian Potato Tour:

The Swabian Potato Tour is a cycling tour through the four districts of Günzburg, Augsburg, Neu Ulm and Unterallgäu in Bavaria’s lovely Swabia area. This tour is unique in Germany and was awarded the Bavarian Innovation Award in 2002. Ten traditional restaurants serving Swabian specialities and delicious potato dishes can be found along this trail..

Seven Swabia Tour:

The 191-kilometre-long Seven Swabia cycling tour takes you directly from Augsburg through romantic villages, around the Augsburg - Westliche Wälder nature park and up to the world-famous Via Claudia Roman road. Follow the literary trail of Ludwig Auerbach and enjoy a relaxing long-distance route through picturesque landscapes under the beautiful white and blue sky.

Bavaria-Swabia Tour:

This tour is great for a bike ride with the entire family. Cycling alongside the water, you will ride through moors, nature preserves and past vitamin-rich fruit educational trails and stork nests. On hot summer days, cool off at Heiligmann lake before biking through the beautiful alpine surroundings towards a delicious destination.

The Holzwinkel Tour:

This cycling route runs through Mindelheim to Mönstetten and Waldkirch and finally to a highlight in the Allgäu region – the romantic Glött Valley in the Holzwinkel region. The 44-kilometre-long Glötttal-Holzwinkel trail includes nature trails and barefoot trails, the Allerheiligen (All Saints) pilgrimage church and the one-of-a-kind Menter birds of prey park in Konzenberg.

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