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Enjoy a full-service package, friendly service and many great included amenities at our comfortable 3-star hotel near Günzburg, Germany. From LEGOLAND® Holidays deals or last-minute rooms to business stays - we have the perfect special for you and your family. Contact us today - we will be happy to inform you of our current deals and Mindeltal specialss.


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Our nightly rates including breakfast

Comfort single room EUR 59.00 to 119.00 (trade fair rate)
Comfort double room (2 adults) EUR 79.00 to 129.00


Our nightly rates including breakfast

Comfort double room (1 adult / 1 child) EUR 69.00 to 99.00
Comfort double room (2 adults / 2 children) EUR 119.00 to 129.00
Comfort family room (2 adults / 1 child) EUR 109.00 to 119.00
Comfort family suite (2 adults / 2 children) EUR 159.00 to 169.00
Large family special - family suite (2 adults / 3-4 children) EUR 169.00 to 189.00


Babies and children under 3 stay and eat at the Best Hotel Mindeltal for free!

In the bright, friendly atmosphere of the Best Hotel Mindeltal you will experience a relaxing holiday and family-friendly, fair prices. Spoil yourself, enjoy Bavaria’s famous hospitality and top 3-star comfortable accommodation.

Book your room or suite today and look forward to an unforgettable holiday at the Best Hotel Mindeltal near Augsburg, Germany.

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